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Happy Independence Day.

Mayur Architectural Photography

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Mayur Photography - Shanti Stupa

The Pristine White – Shanti Stupa.

The Pristine White

Beholding the elegance and simplicity of Japanese Art mixed in local Ladakhian flavor, Shanti Stupa is apparently endeavoring to reveal the world, the zest of Buddhism. The minimalistic yet fascinating artworks over the entire structure bring a strange contentment to every heart. The hues of blue sky mingled with scattered clouds in the picture very well splice harmony in the air with the peacefulness of Shanti Stupa.

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Architecture of grace, ecstasy & belief

And when the giganticism roars, words falls short. Enduring and manifesting glory of the golden era of Indian History, the masterpiece requires no introduction. Triumphed by its architectural beauty this place exquisitely conveys the message of unity in diversity. The widespread empire of this red sandstone and white marble edifice looks more elegant in the twilight hours which though are crowded yet furnishes the greatest content. Some clicks come with a glaring gratification, this is one such.

© 2016 Mayur Photography, www.facebook.com/mayurphotography