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70th Independence Day

INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM are the two same? It’s been 70 years since we call ourselves independent, so are we free? Free to make choices and to express. Where we want to enjoy FREEDOM as a RIGHT do we know our RESPONSIBILITIES too?

Patriotism in air and here is another 15th AUGUST but let’s make it worth by pledging to participate in MAKING INDIA a best place for everyone.

Happy Independence Day!

Mayur Architectural Photography

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Spread the KNOWLEDGE . Embrace NATURE . Seek PEACE.

Happy Independence Day.

Mayur Architectural Photography

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Keeping Promises

Treated with great delicacies, caressed with utmost care, they are not mere expensive stones rather reflections of a shinning future. Future painted in the color of emotions and immersed in love that will last forever.

Mayur Wedding Photography

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Eternal Energies

Capturing the serenity amidst all clutter, the shot outlines the godly countenances immersed in tranquillity who motivates us to take a break from our bustling lives and find  satisfaction in whatever we have done and achieved so far.


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Freakish Fantasy – Neemrana Fort Palace

The graceful antiquity covered with contemporary elegance and embellished with vivid nature is resting in the lap of twilight. Amidst the dramatic shades of blue, the tiny raindrops and whirling winds are trying hard to meddle her composure. – No doubt the shot is perfect personification of the mesmerizing ambiance that can inundate every soul.

Mayur Photography

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Serene Simplicity

She is there on a rollercoaster of unusual emotions. Sometimes she confines herself within the obvious anxiety and in the very next moment, she gets absorbed in the giggles around. With that perfect blush and leaned eyes the shot certainly reveals the glamorous sophistication.

 Mayur Photography Engagement

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Two Souls, One Heart – Engaged.

When we say love is in the air it truly means a feeling that originates from hearts and spread its warmth everywhere. And what completes this love is the happiness of being with each other forever for rest of our lives. Cheers to the most ultimate bond!

MayurPhotography - Engagement Shoot
2016 Mayur Photography,

Band Blessing and Bonding – Shivangi & Prakhar Engagement

A coy girl, a delightful boy, overjoyed family members, excited friends, glittering surroundings, delectable food- Yes, you guessed it right! There is a ceremony but not an ordinary one. 
MayurPhotography - Engagement
These are those special moments every girl dreams for and every parent long awaits for. It’s the time filled with affections and emotions. Emotions on every face and in every gesture that express the sentiments louder than words.
These are emotions of joy while witnessing two people ecstatically looking forward to sharing a bond. Emotions of content while blessing a lovable daughter and a dear sister who is about to start a new journey in a new home. 
Get-togethers are always amazing but if it is an occasion of engagement of a beloved one, the instants become more precious. It’s not a mere affair that involves an exchange of rings rather a tacit promise to be with each other in every happiness and in every sorrow
The event was grand and marvelous but the celebrations have just begun and the miraculous story has just inaugurated. The grand party is on its way and the tale is yet to be continued

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PhotoStory by Priya Saraswat. Follow Priya @priya_saraswat

Forever Young

If you are a Delhiite or visited the capital at some point in time – you recognize this place for sure. From scrumptious street food to economic shopping – this place is heaven for foodies and shopaholics. Despite being insanely crowded all seven days a week, this oldest part of Delhi has got the talisman that ought to drive you crazy every time you are here. Unquestionably it is primeval yet prime!

Mayur Photography

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Embracing Smile

Wrapped in the color of chastity, shades of simplicity and tones of tranquility, this shot surely conveys the true spirit of “Atithi Devo Bhava”. With those glittering eyes that attain divinity in every visitor and the welcoming stance that could melt any heart, it is ‘the most’ enchanting simper ever.

Mayur Photography

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Prestigious Enormity

Being the cynosure of central Ladhak, this methodical monastery is one among the hot spots of the region. The structures, smaller and bigger stretched on the rocky surface coated white with a scattered ochre tint is definitely a sight for a sore eye. Amidst sky & valley, this site no doubt is a place to revisit.

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Omnipresent Spirituality

Escaping from Gods is next to impossible in India. From a stone covered with holy saffron color in a barren land to the metallic sculptures resting out in an open shop on the street, can make us stop & believe that how closely we are connected. This is what makes it a land of piousness, Incredible India!

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Mayur Photography - Shanti Stupa

The Pristine White – Shanti Stupa.

The Pristine White

Beholding the elegance and simplicity of Japanese Art mixed in local Ladakhian flavor, Shanti Stupa is apparently endeavoring to reveal the world, the zest of Buddhism. The minimalistic yet fascinating artworks over the entire structure bring a strange contentment to every heart. The hues of blue sky mingled with scattered clouds in the picture very well splice harmony in the air with the peacefulness of Shanti Stupa.

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Architecture of grace, ecstasy & belief

And when the giganticism roars, words falls short. Enduring and manifesting glory of the golden era of Indian History, the masterpiece requires no introduction. Triumphed by its architectural beauty this place exquisitely conveys the message of unity in diversity. The widespread empire of this red sandstone and white marble edifice looks more elegant in the twilight hours which though are crowded yet furnishes the greatest content. Some clicks come with a glaring gratification, this is one such.

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From Moments to Memories

MayurPhotography captures the essence of your special moments from unique perspectives, with an eye toward the beauty, honesty and emotion of your one and only love story. Our images sell extreme emotions and not just clothes or accessories.

In just 3 words we are – Artistic, Affordable & Adept! So, in case you would like to try out Artistic Photography at an Affordable rate by Adept Professionals, then connect with us. We promise to create memories for you that’s surely going to bring a smile on your face for years to come.

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